COVID-19 has greatly affected the way that business is done worldwide. However it is also presenting many with an opportunity to streamline and improve efficiencies. Ask us how we can help you to develop an effective sustainability program for your business which can take advantage of some of these opportunities

Sustainable technologies

There is much talk worldwide about sustainability.  Many organizations and governments have developed, or are in the process of developing, a sustainability program.

The basic truth though is that when discussing sustainability, one cannot help but think of the cost-benefit analysis that every corporation is obliged to perform.  That is why we feel that a properly instituted sustainability process should make business sense. There should
never be a conflict between true sustainability and day to day operations of a company.

Each of the methods that we use as a corporation to promote sustainability also provides a real measurable cost benefit to us. We can help you do the same.

Go green by going home!

Working remotely where feasible can greatly reduce your environmental footprint.  Sometimes managers are afraid that if workers are not working from the corporate office that they will not be very productive.  Studies have shown that the opposite is true.  Individuals who work from home are often more productive (up to 40%) than their counterparts who are working from a corporate office.  Additionally, during winter months when viruses abound, businesses who allow workers to work from home do not experience the same amount of lost productivity due to sickness that other companies do.

Go green by going paperless!

A truly paperless environment, though possible, is not yet entirely realistic.  However, you can lower your documentation costs by migrating to a centrally located and managed electronic document repository.  Additional savings can be realized by decreased reliance on confidential document shredding services.

Go green by decreasing your energy consumption!

More and more businesses are becoming aware on the huge amount of money they could save by making their data centres more energy efficient.  However sometimes the cost of converting to new energy efficient equipment and processes is prohibitive.  One possible solution?  Microsoft Virtual Machine technology. Or even better, Microsoft Azure or AWS (Amazon Web Services). Either option could save you thousands in reduced energy consumption, they could also save you thousands in hardware replacement costs, disaster recovery, and more!