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Functional Web Design

We will design your site from scratch, or re-work / update an existing site. We recognize that every customer will have unique needs specific to their business; our fee is based on the goals and objectives of each client. We will provide a complementary estimate upon request. 

What are 7 important features of a functional and user-friendly website?

1.  Optimal Information Architecture

Quality information architecture improves the usability of your website. Information architecture is the way information is presented on your site. Ignoring the significance of information architecture reduces the effectiveness of your site. Since a websites purpose is to provide actionable information to users, it’s critical to organize that information in right sections and categories.

2.  Fast Page Loading Speed

When someone visits your site, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention.  A slow-loading website will greatly affect it’s effectiveness.

Another factor is that site loading speed is one of the ranking criteria used by search engines.


3.  Mobile Friendly

 Since a large number of people use their mobile phones to access the Internet, having a mobile compatible website can definitely expand your reach. Google actually penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly.

4.  Easy Navigation

It is annoying to land on a website that is difficult to navigate. Rather than designing an overly complicated site, it’s better to keep it simple. Intuitive navigation is one of the most critical elements of a successful website.

5.  Visual Appeal

The overall look and feel of your site should be appealing, in order to engage your visitors. effectively. Using colors, fonts, and images that are consistent with your brand will help to  to make it visually appealing.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

it's not enough for people to just visit your site, you need to nudge them into taking some kind of action.  CTA's can be in the form of pop-ups, surveys, questions and more.  Do you want visitors to call, email or chat with you?  Give them reason to do so and you will convert more leads by giving users a reason to click on the button below.

Yes! I want to know more...

7.  Usability

Additionally, well-formatted content, effective error handling, browser compatibility, and quality usable forms are other important features of a high-performing and user-friendly website.

Curious about your current site performance? 

You can go here and enter your url to see how your site ranks. 

Contact us if you need help improving site performance.


What is included with your professionally designed website?

Premium Hosting

Your website is hosted at a secure cloud storage facility with full security, redundancy and back-ups.

Free Tools

We included a full range of plug-ins, software tools, and website features with every website.

Reliable Functionality

Build your site on a search-friendly and flexible system, using HTML5 markup for the best results.


Optimized for All Devices

Your site is optimized to look great on any device so you can impress customers at home or on the go.

Optimized for SEO

We use SEO best-practices as we build your site, so that you will rank higher on search engines.

Easy to Update and Maintain

We use WordPress content management system, so once your site is built, it is easy for you to maintain.

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